Viviyona aaa , efek setelah Handshake

B4OVWkNCMAEKwmK.jpg large

B4PFwgyCEAAV8Lk.jpg largeB4PmU7_CYAAoiii.jpg largeB4Qj23_CcAEZCbk.jpg large

i found your ‘sticker’ on my desk

the memory come again remind me that moment

in that event, when i can finally meet you directly

standing patiently on your lane

waiting just to see you in person

it may only be ten seconds long

but they are my precious second

you stand before me

stood frozen but your smile warm me

you look wonderfull with that dress

love your hair with that adorable headband

those big eyes confuse me like i see an angel

your hand so soft, as gentle as your smile,

i talk like a fool, don’t know how to handle this situation

when the second is over

we say goodbye to each other

i feel that space painfully vacant

even we just met, i miss you already

I close my eyes, Yet I still see you.

even if you wont notice me

even i am just a stranger to you

i will never give up

just like you never give up to reach your dream

hoping you’ll remember me and call my name in the next encounter

-yaya, lagi gesrek, sudah terjerumus terlalu dalam di dunia idol, ngidol pake hati

sorry for my english, english is not my mother language o yeah


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